Monday, February 19, 2007

Where and How To Place Google Ads

You will learn here Where and How to Place Your Google Ads or Adsense Codes in your blog. You must know this to avoid being banned from the money making Google program.

So, after you have made your own blog and posted your blog articles, you are now going to place your Google Ads. I assume that you have already created your own Google Adsense account when you have read my previous post. If not, then create one now by clicking the Adsense button on this page.

After you've created your Adsense account, you must know where and how to place your Google Ads. Google Ads are the Adsense codes in javascripts format required by Google to place on your blog or web site to start making money online. In your Adsense account, if you click Adsense Setup, you will see Adsense for content, Adsense for search and Referrals like this:

Adsense Setup

Those are the categories of your Google Ads to be placed in your web site or blog. Under Adsense for content, you have two adtype choices, the Ad Unit and the Link Unit, as this:

Adsense for content

You see also this link to Google Program policies. You have to read and comply with to avoid being ejected by Google from its money making program.

Where to Place Google Ads

Though you may place your Google Ads anywhere in your page, it is stated in the Google Program policies that you should not place Google Ads on blog or site with prohibited content that promotes or contains illegal activity or infringement on legal rights of others, such as the following:
  • Violence, racism, hate and the like

  • Porn, adult or mature stuff

  • Hacking or cracking activities and stuff

  • Illegal and prescription drugs

  • Gambling or casino-related stuff

  • Incentivize visitors action

  • Excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords

  • Deceptive or manipulative content to improve search engine ranking

  • Weapons or ammunition

  • Beer and liquors

  • Tobacco or cigarette stuff

  • Imitations of signature or designer goods

  • Sale or distribution of term papers or student essays

How to Place Google Ads

Another important policy is the limit of placing Google Ads on each of your page. You are allowed to place a maximum of three (3) Ad units, one (1) Link unit and two (2) Adsense for search on each of your page. If you exceed the limit on your page, excess Google Ads will be displayed as blank or whitespace. That will not be a good view in your blog or web site.

You must also know that it is prohibited to encourage your visitors to click on Google Ads. There are other important policies that you have to comply with, so you must read it and understand.

I hope this post helps you understand where and how to place your Google Ads or Adsense Codes. In my next post, I will discuss the most profitable placement of Google Ads or codes. So, please drop by and have a nice day.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Save Money in Blogging

Yes, you can save money in blogging. If you have no internet connection or if you are paying for it on an hour, this is exactly for you. Remember when you are blogging, you need to be online only when you are posting your blog articles. Read the following tips to minimize your internet connection or your online time while you're blogging:
  1. Compose or write your blog offline. If you have computer, you use your Windows Word or Notepad or its equivalent in your favorite operating system for writing. If you have no computer, then you may write on a piece of paper. Proofread, edit and finalize it.

  2. Insert the HTML codes offline. If you know basic HTML codes, insert the HTML codes to highlight, emphasize the words or phrases in your article. Write the codes for inserting images and hyperlinks. If you don't know basic HTML codes, learn here. Then, proofread and finalize your article.

  3. Upload your blog articles online. If you write your articles in Word, Notepad or other word-processor, go online and just log in to you Blogger account. Then, post your article by just copying and pasting it in the posting box.

    If you have written your blog articles on a piece of paper, type it first in the word processor using your friends' or relatives' computer, save it to a disk and go to internet cafe to post it to your Blogger account.

    If you don't want to disturb your friends or relatives, just go to internet cafe to log in to your Blogger account. Type it, preview it, edit it, use Blogger formatting tools, preview it, edit it again (if needed), then post it. Log out and congratz yourself for your new posts. Then, use your remaining time to view your blog or view other blogs or sites to get new ideas.

I hope this post help you make money online at the lowest cost possible. In my next post, I will help you set up your Google Adsense to let the money flow in to your blog and into your pocket. Don't you worry, your blog is still in introduction stage. No need to rush your Adsense income. For the meantime, compose and write more for your blog.

You may also create your Google Adsense account now by clicking the button on this page. If you want to have an idea how affiliate program works (including Adsense), click here.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Making Money Online At The Lowest Cost Possible

How to start making money online at the lowest cost possible? I know that's the very first question that you are going to ask. That's a practical question of people who want to make money on the net.

That's the same question I asked before I've started my money making venture online. I know some of you who are reading this want to make an additional cash to augment your present income. Hence, spending money must be avoided as much as possible. Continue reading to know how to do that.

You know, big companies especially is helping us to earn an income without spending so much. has a free money making blogging site, called and Adsense program. So, the best thing to do is to grab this opportunity of free blogging with Blogger and free money making Adsense program combined.

Yes, many people are making money with Google through blogging, which is the lowest cost of making money online. You will spend only for your internet connection while writing or posting your blog articles. Other than that, you'll just spend time thinking and writing and you can do it during your spare time. So, start writing your blog articles now. If you want to learn how to write, click here.

To start blogging, open an account with here. You will see this Blogger signup page: signup page

If you already have a Google Account, sign in. If none, then go down the signup page and click Create Your Blog Now and you will be directed to creating a Google Account:

Create Google Account page

Fill up the page. You may use your favorite email address other than Google mail or Gmail. Just enter the required information. After that, click Continue and you will be directed to Blog setup page:

Name Your Blog page

You have to enter the name of your blog. You may enter any keyword or phrase related to your blog concept or any name. If it is available, click Continue to choose blog template:

Choose Template page

Choose template and click Continue and you'll see a message that your blog has been created:

Your Blog has been created page

Then, click Start posting and you Blogger posting page will be displayed:

Blogger Posting page

Now, you can post your blog articles. To format your fonts or styles or to highlight or emphasize words or phrases, use the Blogger formatting tools on the top. Just hover your mouse pointer on these formatting tools and you'll see the use of the tools. Use the formatting tools to make your article easy to read and easy to understand. Remember, Simple is beautiful.

After posting your article, click the Post Options below the posting box. Choose Allow if you want your reader to post comments and Don't Allow, if not. If you want to allow readers' comments but want to moderate it, click Moderate Comments on the top. Follow the instruction and configure the comments setting.

After that, you may preview your article by clicking Preview on top right of the posting box. If you are happy with it and you think that your prospective visitors and readers will also be happy with it, then you may click Publish at the bottom and your blog will be listed in Google's public database and subsequently announced to other Google bloggers.

View your blog and congratulate yourself by entering your Blogger URL in your browser address bar in this format: Yes, your blog is just a part of ('s URL for bloggers).

If you want to remove the in your blog URL, you have to buy a domain and web space from web hosting sites like Globat or Hostmonster, which are offering 1,000 GB space and 1,000 GB monthly bandwidth for multiple web sites plus free domain at a very reasonable price. If you are interested, just click on them to learn more.

In my next posts, you will learn how to save more money in blogging and how to place the Google Adsense links to your blog. Adsense will bring the color of money to your blog and to your bank account.

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